Our team

We are a team of kind, generous, fun-loving and hard-working home-trained chefs and food lovers with a rich array of backgrounds and experiences. We love cooking for and nourishing others. Passion, purpose and love go into every bowl we make.

Head Chef: Kim T.

As a self-taught chef, Kim has been cooking her whole life. She is a veritable virtuoso when it comes to food and flavor. Her passion for cooking and nourishing people, her creativity and resourcefulness—not to mention her stamina and high standards—are the driving forces behind all the food we make in our kitchen. Kim’s favorite soups are Ruthenian Mushroom and Peruvian Chicken. She loves to sing to 80s music when she cooks, but her favorite band is Led Zeppelin.

Broth Queen: Elizabeth

Her name is Elizabeth, but we have nicknamed her “Broth Queen,” rightly so, both because of her British origin and because no one can dispense broth faster. She works tirelessly to ensure we are well stocked with all varieties of our delicious and nourishing bone and vegetable broths. Hail to our Queen! Elizabeth’s favorite soup is Borscht. Her favorite playlist is anything classical.

Lead Chef: Anna

Chef Anna is the only professionally-trained chef in our kitchen. We have learned so much from her, especially the importance of mise en place (“everything in its place”). She brings a wealth of culinary knowledge and experience, exquisite knife skills and a delightfully wry sense of humor to our kitchen. Most inspiring of all is the way she honors all the ingredients by talking to them as she puts them into the pot. On chicken day we sometimes hear her singing to the chickens! It’s her way of transferring positive energy and love into our soups. Anna’s favorite soups are Caraway Cauliflower and Chicken Curry. Her favorite playlist is 80s alternative, and her favorite artist is JS Bach.

Lead Chef: Yan

Do you know that person who is like a ray of sunshine when they walk into a room? That’s Yan. Her boundless energy, infectious laughter and positive attitude create an atmosphere of joy in our kitchen. A day without Yan is like a day without sun. She infuses love and purpose into everything she does, whether she’s wielding a mighty immersion blender or brandishing a sharp knife! Yan’s favorite soup is Ratatouille. Her favorite playlist is Latin music.

Prep Chef: Tes

Tes is our reigning citrus queen! If you taste citrus in any of our soups, it’s likely that Tes’s hand squeezed the lemons or limes. Tes is a superstar when it comes to prepping vegetables and always has a positive attitude, even if she has to peel 66 pounds of carrots! She also keeps all of our cooking equipment shiny and clean.

Retail Manager: Lisa

Lisa skillfully manages all retail sales from our Herndon kitchen. Whether she’s helping customers choose the right soup, arranging retail displays, leading the staff in stretching exercises or picking the perfect play list to boost everyone’s mood, Lisa brings warmth, creativity and positive energy into our space. Lisa’s favorite soups are LF Curry Pumpkin and LF Fire Roasted Red Pepper. Her favorite playlist is Ready for the Day.

Wholesale Manager: Lauri

Lauri works tirelessly with individual stores and buyers, receiving, processing, packaging and often delivering weekly orders. She ensures all our wholesale orders are packed safely and accurately, and she does it all with kindness, patience, a great sense of humor and a beautiful smile on her face. Lauri’s favorite soups are Carrot Ginger and French Lentil. Her favorite playlist is anything peppy or happy.