There hasn’t been a soup from here that isn’t good. I love the hot and sour mushroom, the lemony chicken, but I’ve loved the restorative broth! I add some salt and sip it. There are still 2 or 3 left in my freezer to try, but I know they’ll be good.

Uptown Frog
Restorative broth

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until a couple months ago. The soups are absolutely delicious and it has changed the way I eat lunch. Now, instead of a sandwich or going out, I have soup for lunch probably 4 days a week.

Bob Sandler
Carrot Ginger, Green Goodness, Masala Split Pea

An absolute gem! I’m so thankful 100 Bowls of Soup exists!

Caroline K.

Loved this place! My experience here was amazing!

Candice S.

The chicken soup is the best I have ever had!! There are many other soups that I am eager to try.

Daniel F.

If you like soup and you’re trying to keep it healthy but actually still want flavor, then this is the place! Seriously, how often does healthy and flavor end up being coupled together with food? 100 Bowls of Soup has great tasting soups that are gluten free, most are vegan, and I believe all their soups are kept under 300 mg of sodium! The best part is that these soup magicians know how to keep the sodium low but keep it tasting good. Go now and bring a box to carry your soup out because you’ll want a lot.

Sherri C.

This place is perfect for exactly what it is. And while they don’t have 100 soups in stock at one time, they rotate seasonally and are always making more. The store has an open kitchen. If you look beyond the counter, you can see the soups being made fresh (and usually with local ingredients). They also carry a variety of broths—chicken, beef and bison are standard. And have multiple vegan options as well. The customer service is amazing. All the staff is friendly and helpful. They’ll ask questions to see what you like, then recommend something for you. This is helpful because the variety can be a bit overwhelming your first visit. Highly recommended!

Hokie N.

Visited today for the first time, and I know I will be back many, many times. Could it get any better than delicious veggie-filled soups with amazing spices?

Rebecca H.

Soups take a lot of effort to make, at least for me, so finding a business that commits to making the best soups is a true winner in my life! 100 Bowls of Soup is the answer to many, including me. Their soups are made from scratch every single day, so you’re guaranteed to get the freshest. In addition to being fresh, they’re all organic, vegan, gluten free and wholly local. Can it get any better? Yes! They’re actually delicious.

Santita N.

100 Bowls of Soup is excellent. The soups are well flavored, balanced and delicious! Carrot Ginger is my favorite (seriously, how do they get that texture?). My wife is vegetarian and loves their excellent selection. Well done and thanks for your awesome soups.

Reed M.
Carrot Ginger

It’s hard for my colleague, who is strictly vegan and picky, to find places to eat lunch. We came here and were surprised at how many vegan options there were. The owner of the shop was super sweet and let us sample two of the soups. The black-eyed bean soup was my favorite! The soup had a soft umami taste, the broth was flavorful, and the soup had a good amount of ingredients like cabbage and onions.

Jackie T.

I cannot say enough about 100 Bowls’ soups.  They are spectacular!  I love the variety, flavors and textures – truly wonderful!  They could not be more accommodating.  Short of my mother’s and grandmother’s soups, this is the next best thing

Carol M. S

If I could make chick stock and all my soups from scratch like Ina Garten, I would be a super wife. Sadly, I do not have the skills or time to do such.

Judy L.

As a busy wife and mother of four who is the “chief cook and bottle washer” in our home, I cook a lot from scratch, but I am always searching for wholesome, prepared foods for my family that also taste good.  A few years ago, I discovered the delicious offerings of “100 Bowls of Soup” and that has been a real blessing.  Nowadays the perfect dinner for us is a salad along with a bowl of one of these delectable soups.

My husband loves the hearty soups like Minestrone and Spicy Black Bean, while the Harissa Red Lentil and Moroccan Stew are favorites of our sons, but I crave the Asparagus Tarragon and Carrot Ginger.  Great variety with incredible flavors, made from the freshest ingredients and easily heated as individual servings, these soups are amazing!  Finally, I feel as though I have someone on my team!

Sylvia R.

100 Bowls of Soup is excellent. The soups are well flavored, balanced, and delicious! Carrot Ginger is my favorite (seriously how do they get that texture?!?), but beef borscht and bison chili are close runners up.

My wife is vegetarian and loves their excellent selection. The soups are on the expensive side, but are made with top notch ingredients. You can taste the purity. Well done and thanks for your awesome soups!

Reed Meyer
Carrot Ginger

I just love everything this place goes for achieving.

Michelle Vu

Simply the best. The best ingredients and delicious recipes. Some of my favorites are the Watermelon Gazpacho, Carrot Ginger, Thai Sweet Potato and the Chicken Curry. You really can’t go wrong.

Elizabeth Kamp
Watermelon Gazpacho

Great local-owned business. Healthy soups. Two hot soups daily for take-out. Lots of other options to heat/serve at home.

Richard Culatta
Beef Borscht

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